A Sweet and Potent Voice

A Sweet and Potent Voice is my first foray into the world of fan fiction, and my first story published online. It is, essentially, a moment in time. A night when Vincent finds himself questioning what he holds most dear … evaluating his past, present, and future.After a wonderful evening with Catherine, Vincent struggles to come to terms with their relationship and decide whether he can move forward to a greater intimacy. With music and poetry driving home the bittersweet reality of his life, Vincent finds himself searching deep within for the answer to his life’s greatest question: Can he love as normal men?

Part 1: Music in the Soul
Part 2: Hence, Viper Thoughts!
Part 3: Upon a Lonesome Wild
Part 4: A Fair Luminous Cloud
Part 5: Wings of Healing

Literary references include Dejection: An Ode, by Samuel Taylor Coleridge, and Charlotte Bronte’s Jane Eyre.

Beauty and the Beast belongs to Ron Koslow, CBS, and Paramount. The characters in this story are not my creations, and no infringement is intended. However, the story itself is my original idea. Please do not copy, publish, or print any part of this story without my written consent.

Chamber Music

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